The Importance of Bandwidth and Data Transfer in Web Hosting

and Data Transfer are two related topics and frequently used in web hosting industry. But the two words have distinctive meanings.These two important details affect the choice of customers when selecting a reliable web host. No matter if the web hosting plan is cheap or not, there would be feature of Data Transfer volume provided and Bandwidth.

Bandwidth :

Bandwidth mentions the quantity of data goes through a set of connections. When someone access a website, download or upload something, watch a video on internet, there is traffic of information incoming and outgoing between the PC and the web interface. These information are quantified with bytes (kilo-bytes, mega-bytes,...).All these bytes need a bridge to connect between the 2 entities. This bridge is called the Bandwidth.

Data Transfer:

Data Transfer refers to amount of traffic generated and transported from one location to another. From web hosting perspective, the data transfer refers to amount of data that is transferred to and from your website either by you uploading files, your visitors viewing and downloading files, and emails transported from the server to your computer.

The importance of Bandwidth and Data Transfer:

Bandwidth has limits. The accumulation of information could not exceed the bandwidth. If you have a traffic of 200Mbps (mega-bytes per second), the bandwidth must be equal or greater than the quantity of transmitted information. Otherwise, the connection will be interrupted.

Most Hosting providers will propose a limited Bandwidth. For example, they will propose 50GB of monthly bandwidth. That means that you cannot exceed a 50giga-bytes of information incoming and outgoing from your server.

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If you have the adequate plan, you can use your server for all type of use. You can even create a streaming website (one of the most resourceful web application)

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