What is Webmin?


Webmin is a free web control panel interface (just like PowerProv) which allows users to configure their servers.

You can test the control panel via websites presenting it as a demo or you can directly download Webmin. It is composed with many options which will be explained in a tutorial. Let's see the some important Webmin fonctions.

Webmin is considered as the swiss knife of control panels. You can do everything you want on your server via this tool.

You can configure Apache, iptables (the Linux firewall), you can connect to your server via Ssh to see and manage all your files. Webmin allows you also to create custom shell commands, to set cron tasks and even burn CDs from ISO files.

Of course, Webmin can be used as a server monitor, with power and resources consumption, and traffic supervision of uploads / downloads. You can also change the tool appearance to be more suitable for you.

Webmin has too many options to be listed in one time (or it will be written in 20 pages at least). But if you want, you can try it by yourself via the demo.

A tutoriel concerning Webmin will be prepared and put in the download section of the World Cloud Hosting  website. And then you will have a real preview concerning this control panel.