Importance of Up-Time Availability in a Web Hosting Server





For hosting customers, the high availability of data centers is one of the most important feature. Customers need to reach their servers everytime they want.

Hosting providers, as World Cloud Hosting, will guarantee an 99.9% up-time, or they'll tell that Data-centers are highly available. But how can be affirm that?

World Cloud Hosting have huge infrastructures to install their servers. And we respect specific norms to avoid the unavailability and to guarantee a high availability for our customers:

- The hardware redundancy: World Cloud Hosting acquire a many copies of the same equipment. Then, we can assemble them in clusters to increase the availability, distribute the calculation capacity and if a server breakdown, the other from the same cluster are going to replace it automatically and immediately in order to never interrupt the connection.

- World Cloud Hosting secures the data contained in the server with RAID, Snapshots,... So we can recover lost data fastly.

- Our engineers working in Data-centers can configure servers without shutting them down. It allows users to continue using their servers even in the case of a maintenance process.

All of these are solutions to guarantee a high availability. And there is so many other techniques that we use to guarantee this feature.

World Cloud Hosting proposes a High Availability of 99.9%, meaning that the connection will be unavailable, at least, for 8,76 hours / year.